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Death and dying are some of the hardest things to process. We called on a Sunday night and were informed that they could come tomorrow. We made arrangements for three o’clock.

Our dear beloved Savanna (a 12 + year old toy Australian Shepherd) took a turn for the worst during the night. We believe she had a stroke or two. She was not able to walk straight. We knew she had congenital heart failure. We could hear she had liquid in her lungs when she coughed. We called and left a message for Henry and the vet.

They called us first thing in the morning and asked when they should come. They came as soon as they could.

My kids stayed up all night loving and taking care of our beautiful and unique little girl. We live out in the country so she could not spend the night outside because of the coyotes.

When the vet and Henry arrived she was ready to go. My husband filled out the paperwork and they asked us if we were ready. We said we were.

We let her go outside to her favorite tree and lay down. She crossed her beautiful little legs in front of her and let us know it was ok. The Vet asked if we were ready. We said we were. The vet and Henry informed us that they were going to give her a shot to calm her down and she would sleep. Henry held her head because they were afraid that it might caused her some pain and that she would nip. We know that she would never do that. But they didn’t.

She was very strong and held her own. As soon as she went to sleep they gave her another shot to stop her heart. They informed us when her heart stopped. They asked us if we had a blanket to wrap her in. We did not. So they got a beautiful blanket that had paw prints on it put it on top of a stretcher and wrapped her in the blanket and carried her off. They took her to the mortuary where they cremated our little girl and put her inside a pretty box. They gave us a card and informed us that the mortuary would call and let us know when she was ready to be picked up.

Our little girl didn’t like the vet’s office and I think the stress on getting in the car and going to the vet would have killed her. It was much nicer for her to be able to spend as much time as she could with us. The cremation was included in the price for Dr. Byarlay and Henry to come to our house.

The vet and Henry were so understanding, kind, friendly and compassionate. They saw how wonderful and what a lady our Savanna was. We will so miss our beautiful girl who now lives forever in our hearts.

LaRena F., Yelp Review
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