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Pet Care Blog

Pet Care Blog!

Welcome to our Pet Care Blog!

Our mission, in addition to maintaining the health and wellbeing of your pet(s), is to help you be a better pet parent. We decided to [...]

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Dogs left in Vehicles

This topic is always brought up each year when the temperatures are high, but low temperatures have risks too. An enclosed car can reach over [...]

Canine Influenza – Yes, your dog can get the flu

Our area has recently had an outbreak of canine influenza and there have been fatalities from it. The flu is a highly contagious disease which [...]

April is Heart Health Month

Like people, dogs can get congestive heart failure. Causes can be congenital (born with it) or may come on with old age. Symptoms can range [...]

Support TMCC’s Veteterinary Technician Program!

As a member of the TMCC faculty, I am sharing this with you! Truckee Meadows Community College Foundation is excited to invite you to participate [...]

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